Easiest Highest Paying
Affiliate Plan Ever.

Earn with ION

The Plan has been engineered to quickly compensate you for introducing new members to our T-10 products and the business opportunity. The plan allows for you to create a generous residual income for your continued hard work. An individual may become a member who joins for the sole purpose to save money and is not required to build a business. The 4 ways include Fast Start Bonuses, Team Pay, Coded Bonus and Retail.

Fast Start Bonus

As a Customer Acquisition Partner, you can receive a $50 commission from the first order from your personally sponsored team with product. Each new person or company you enroll as a Customer Acquisition Partner is eligible for this program.

2 Level Payout

A Customer Acquisition Partner will earn $1 per product on level 1 and .50 on level 2 per product. Example: 10 people on level 1 ordering 10 total products = $100 paid to you. Level 2 makes the second level bonus on every product too!


For each retail Customer, you will earn an additional $7 per product.

Coding Bonus

compensation plan details

ION Customer Acquisition Partners earn income on the gathering of customers. You will be paid according to your achievement level in the entire group. Master earns base of $2 on every customer in their master group. Icon earns base of $4, Legend earns base of $6, and Pinnacle earns base of $8 on their entire Customer Acquisition group. Future products may have higher amounts based on value to the retail marketplace.

* All Commissions paid based on sale of product.
* No more than 70% of customers from any one organization to reach the next code.
* Customer is defined as a product purchase. When a Customer Acquisition Partner (C.A.P.) is a Legend, they earn $6 per product.
When they sponsor a new C.A.P. who is ordering 5 products per month, then they will earn $6 x 5, which is $30/month.